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Youth Ministry Staff Member

Ministry Description

Position Risk Assessment: High
Term of Office: 6 months, renewable as determined by the Youth Pastor
Supervision and Support: Reports to: Youth Pastor
Staff Liaison (if different from above):
Committee/Board responsible for this ministry: Outreach Committee
Purpose: To assist the Youth Pastor in developing and nurturing personal relationships between Youth and Jesus Christ
Population(s) served: the youth of our community under the age of 18 years

Skills / Qualifications:

  • must be at least 16 years of age
  • must have an active Biblical faith and live a biblically sound lifestyle
  • must be a student or be employed (if not, then with acceptable reason)
  • have a basic knowledge of the Bible and Christian Theology
  • have a prayerful attitude
  • a desire to see God’s father heart, the salvation offered by Jesus, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit become a reality for the Youth of our community
  • be able to take instruction and work under appropriate leadership
  • position requires a Police Records Check

Spiritual Gifts Recommended:

  • teaching
  • leadership
  • service

Training Provided:

  • an intensive introduction to Youth Ministry will be given upon commencement of the position
  • additional training as necessary
  • continual mentoring provided by the Youth Pastor
  • Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Training every 3 years

Meeting Date & Time:

  • Friday evenings from 7 p.m. - ?
  • summer Vacation Bible School for children (4 – 5 days)
  • Sunday mornings if working as a Sunday School Assistant

Time Commitment Involved:

  • up to 6 hours per week as determined by the Youth Pastor

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • as determined by the Youth Pastor
  • must follow the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith Policy guidelines

Limits of the Position:

  • all actions while fulfilling the service of this position are under the authority of the Youth Pastor
  • must comply with all policies governing confidentiality

Benefits & Opportunities:

  • grow personally and spiritually through service to others
  • develop strong relationships with others in the Ministry Team
  • complete the Community Service requirement for your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)

Office Instructions: Provide a copy of this position description to the applicant. Place a copy in the applicant’s file in a locked filing cabinet. Record the completion of this step on the applicant’s Screening Checklist.

Rev: November 27, 2003