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Children’s Ministry - Sunday School Teacher

Ministry Description

Position Assessment Risk: High
Term of Office: 1 year, renewable - appointed by the Superintendent of the Children’s Ministry
Supervision and Support: Reports to: Children’s Ministry Superintendent
Staff Liaison (if different from above):
Committee/Board responsible for this ministry: Christian Education Committee
Purpose: To encourage children into the faith and help them to grow in that relationship, to have fun and provide an alternative experience to the adult style of worship and learning. To help the children experience love and acceptance in a non-threatening environment.
Population(s) served: Children under the age of 14

Skills & Qualifications:

  • need to have a love of the Lord, and be grounded in their faith and personal relationship with Jesus
  • must be warm & friendly, and enjoy being with children
  • you must have teaching skills, be a good communicator & motivator
  • have patience
  • be dependable
  • ability to share a knowledge of faith and scriptures and to set a positive example
  • be flexible physically, emotionally and mentally
  • joy, creativity and energy are also required
  • First Aid Training is an asset
  • position requires a Police Records Check

Spiritual Gifts Recommended:

  • teaching
  • artistic creativity
  • service

Training Provided:

  • on-the-job training
  • Diocesan Sexual Misconduct training every 3 years
  • attend teacher training session annually (provided “in house” or via David C. Cook Publishing)

Meeting Date & Time:

  • Sunday mornings as scheduled
  • minimum of 4 Children’s Ministry planning meetings per year

Time Commitment Involved:

  • 3 - 4 hours per week - includes preparation time and class time

Description of Duties / Responsibilities:

  • plan and prepare lessons based on the predetermined curriculum provided by the superintendent
  • select creative quality activities that relate scripture lessons to life situations faced by the students and ensure that activities are suited to the age group and interests
  • ensure an appropriate classroom set-up and return the room to its previous form after class
  • assist / lead group activities (e.g. Christmas Pageants, picnic and other special events)
  • track and review attendance, calling student who are absent more than 2 consecutive Sundays
  • follow protocols and procedures
  • help organize and supervise off-site outings with parental permission forms completed
  • inform the Superintendent of any concerns

Limits of the Position:

  • the majority of the teacher’s role is performed in the church building or on it’s grounds
  • teaching is only to be carried out in predetermined class settings
  • teachers may sometimes be alone with students, although a supervisor will normally be on-site
  • in the unlikely event of a one-on-one meeting, follow the Responsible Ministry: Screening in Faith Policy, completing the “One-on-One Record Form”, and notify the Superintendent

Benefits & Opportunities:

  • seeing the spiritual growth in children as they develop a relationship with God through prayer, activities, action and song
  • build warm and close relationships with the children and youth of our parish
  • develop friendships with other teachers
  • learn more about the Bible

Office Instructions: Provide a copy of this position description to the applicant. Place a copy in the applicant’s file in a locked filing cabinet. Record the completion of this step on the applicant’s Screening Checklist.

Rev. July 15, 2003