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Parish Co-ordinator

Ministry Description

Position Risk Assessment: High
Term of Office: 2 year, renewable - appointed by Incumbent at Vestry
Supervision & Support: Reports to: Advisory Board
Staff Liaison (if different from above): Committee/Board responsible for this ministry: Administration Committee
Purpose: To co-ordinate all activities & events held within the church and to maintain good communication between all groups and members.

Population(s) served:

  • The Incumbent and Churchwardens
  • All groups and ministries within the church
  • All parishioners

Skills & Qualifications:

  • good administrative skills are necessary.
  • must have knowledge of the workings of our church body, and the responsibilities of those in leadership.
  • must be a good listener, and be a “people person” with good communication skills.
  • flexibility is an asset, as working with many groups means lots of changes.
  • position requires a Police Records Check

Spiritual Gifts Recommended:

  • Organization
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Discernment

Training Provided:

  • the retiring Parish Co-ordinator is to provide training necessary, and act as a mentor
  • Diocesan Sexual Misconduct Training every 3 years

Meeting Date & Time:

  • No official meetings, however you will be in frequent contact with the Rector & Churchwardens regarding church activities.

Time Commitment Involved:

  • time commitment varies depending on what’s happening in the church. With new activities & events, the time commitment would increase.
  • it would average about 4 hours per month - possibly more when doing the newsletter

Description of Duties / Responsibilities:

  • encourage members to communicate with each other when differences of opinion arise
  • help find co-ordinators for parish events e.g. lawn sale, making sure there is enough time to plan these events.
  • oversee the Parish Newsletter
  • maintains the “Meeting Space Reservation Book”
  • if an event coincides with another, you must communicate with the contact people so that conflict does not result
  • act as a mediator when necessary
  • when events occur that may interfere with the janitorial services, you must reschedule the cleaning times
  • assist in any administrative duties that come up
  • works closely with the Rector & Churchwardens.

Limits of the Position:

  • do not feel obligated to take on added responsibilities when volunteers cannot be found
  • be aware of what is happening in the church, but do not step in unless problems arise

Benefits & Opportunities:

  • have a profound effect of the well-being of the church
  • develop an understanding of what activities the church is involved in - see the “Big Picture”
  • develop strong relationships with members of all ministries, especially ones you are not a part of

Office Instructions: Provide a copy of this position description to the applicant. Place a copy in the applicant’s file in a locked filing cabinet. Record the completion of this step on the applicant’s Screening Checklist.

Rev. November 27, 2003